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Top 50 Jazz Songs This Week

Rank Cover ArtistTitle Track It!
1 Tony DSummer Night Groove
2 Rudy I. RamosMy Funky Dreams
3 Drew DavidsenTake It To The Maxx
4 Michael Lee ThomasOver Passion
5 Chazz DixonDreamin' Out Of Season
6 The ConclusionFor Our Play
7 Michael HagginsBe Thankful [Vocals]
8 Dennis SimpkinChick Flick
9 MitchSoulYou're My Everything
10 BjustBOn A Moonlit Beach
11 Chazz DixonYou Sure Love To Ball
12 Dennis SimpkinBig Sky
13 Charley LangerRefuge
14 Michael E. DanielsSax In The Key Of Groove
15 MitchSoulLet Your Light Shine
16 Michael E. DanielsSomebody Slap Me
17 The Basement Ensemble 105Vibe
18 Matt ShellLove Part One
19 John-Eric BoothWhy Don't You Do Right
20 Matt ShellLove Part Two (Pharquartt Remix)
21 The Basement Ensemble 105Dreaming in Purple
22 Laura HullSpell Remains
23 Urban CrewImpression
24 Dj Sid-the ApocalypzeAnother Day
25 Michael HagginsDiamond Eyes
26 Mario TomicTribal Fusion
27 Michael HagginsFirst Breath
28 D-ForIntersection
29 Dennis SimpkinFlintstones Blues
30 T-SoakIt's Time
31 Charley LangerCity Lights
32 MitchSoulMidnight Praise
33 Shawn NeedhamCrash & Burn
34 Tha Black LabSoul Is Yours
35 Sub5Yellow Sea
36 Michael E. DanielsBrazillian Sunset
37 The Basement Ensemble 105Maybe This Time
38 Rita LeeShe Loves You
39 JC RoseNight Groove
40 Kevin K.K-Tomic Fusion
41 Michael BryantSo Suddenly
42 Michael HagginsDiamond Eyes [Vocals]
43 Jimmy 'Junebug' JacksonJ Lude
44 Urban CrewBlue Heaven
45 Urban CrewDirection At The Time
46 Shawn NeedhamCamilles Tune
47 Anders HolstUntil The End Of Time
48 Rashied Ali QuintetM.O.
49 Michael Lee ThomasTwo Night Smooth
50 Charley LangerGray Skies
51 The Funky GuitaristSmooth Welcome Back Fort Lesaca